i’m in bed and was wondering where my cat is so i was all “oh I’ll just text him” and opened the messages app before i realized what i was doing

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me when someone breaks the fourth wall:  okay well considering we exist in a 3d environment, you still have two more walls to break before you are free of the relentless cube


So i was re-watching all of spn and i got to season 2 episode 21 and the part where sam gets stabbed and stuff my mum walked in and said “OH MY GOD HE’S DEAD” i just looked up from my drawing and at her with a blank face, she said “WHY ARENT YOU CRYING? HE JUST DIED!!” 



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My awesomest Christmas present this year, a preserved gold-dipped rose. If this isn’t Beauty and the Beast, I don’t know what is.

is that. a real. rose. preserevd in stuff.

is THAT. a REAL ROSE, preserved. IN STUFF.???

It’s called a Forever Rose. Look it up on Google. There’s a website for them !!!

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